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The Temptation of Kimono (2010)

Genre: 18+, 2010, adult

Nonton Film The Temptation of Kimono Subtitle Indonesia

The Temptation of Kimono
Rating : 6.40/10 (10 votes)
Released : Mar 04, 2010
Category : Drama, Romance, Adult
Duration : 86 min
Director :
Staring :

Mikage will get wedded to Youiti next 12 months, she confirms to stay at one house with Youiti’s mom and dad. Some day, Youiti’s dad disrobed Mikage’s Kimono and abused her. To her astonishment, her fiancé Youiti whom Mikage thinks true love has an relationship with his young stepmother. Surprised and blasted, what will Mikage do? Written by lament

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